Welded Construction and Boilerworks

Specialists in welded construction and boiler construction is an area of activity in which MPalmelense is prepared to execute the most varied types of products:

  • Boilerwork for Core / Shell type Transformers
  • Various boilerworks (Floodgates, gantries, tanks, tanks, etc.)
  • Pressure equipment according to PED / ASME directive
  • Prefabrication of atmospheric tanks or other containment equipment.
  • Prefabrication of industrial piping in carbon steel / stainless steel / other alloys
  • Equipment manufacturing according to customer’s project, including hydraulic, mechanical and electrification assemblies.
  • Equipment for Skidded application.


AISI 304L Industrial Piping

PasteFill Somincor Expansion

600 MVA Shell Transformer


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