About Us

Founded in 1994, MPalmelense is devoted to the manufacture of industrial equipment, static equipment and metal structures in carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials, also provides a variety of peripheral services to its core business, from cutting and sheet metal forming, mechanical and industrial painting.

Located in Palmela, with high quality facilities, technologically advanced equipment and a specialized team has today a solid presence, offering solutions at the level of the most advanced companies in the sector.

MPalmelense continues to perform its activity with rigor and quality for clients inside and outside Portugal, with projects for the Spanish, French, Swedish, Belgian and Dutch markets among others.

The evolution and continuous improvement are part of MPalmelense’s DNA, and as a result of this state of mind and constant will to “do better”, the company has since 2007 invested in the qualification and certification of its activity.

Rigor, responsibility and team work are key values in the organization of MPalmelense, the focus in building and maintaining a dedicated and professional team with communication skills and self-reliance allows us to achieve the necessary potential to perform our work with the necessary quality and to strive together to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

General details

  • Productive covered area: 3.500m2
  • Outdoor area (material yard): 11.000m2
  • Lifting capacity: up to 30Tons

Mission 1234

To fulfill the clients’ projects with rigor and quality and to commit to the continuous improvement of its processes, remaining a reference company in the sectors in which it operates.


To be recognized as a reference in the manufacturing of welded construction, metallic structures, prefabrication of pipes, ducts, equipment for the process industry and pressure vessels.


  • To be a partner of each Customer
  • Responsible and qualified employees
  • Productivity with Quality
  • Being rigorous in acquisitions